Bedtime Stories Podcast

Bedtime stories read by children for children from around the world.
The elves that saved a Covid Christmas

The story of how a group of elves used their magic and friendship to save a Covid Christmas for families around the world.

The Croc and the Turtle

A story of a Croc who uses his strength and fear to try and dominate the river but is righted by the smallest of creatures. How a calm and relaxed turtle taught the scariest animal in the river a lesson of kindest.

Jungle School

A story of a young boy who feels worried when his mum is late to pick him up from school but when an adventure across a swampy rainforest puts him in front of challenges he gets the strength in himself.

The Time Traveling Sofa

A story of a family who move to a new city and what is a normal museum trip that turns into a sibling adventure through time and space all from a mysterious museum owner.

The Glass Bottle Stories

The Glass Bottle Stories is a story of a granma's love of the world and travel but only from the words and pictures of books.